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How does compound interest work with Cryptos?

Compound interest is an important concept in the financial world and plays a crucial role in wealth accumulation. However, before we delve into the topic, we first need to understand what interest and compound interest actually mean.

Cointract Crypto Trading App: Wie funktionieren Zinsen mit Kryptowährungen?


Interest is the price we pay for the use of borrowed money. Whether it is a bank or a private lender, they usually charge interest to compensate for the loss of the opportunity to use the money elsewhere. We as consumers not only pay interest to our banks, but we can also earn interest when we park our money with the respective institutions.

Compound interest

Compound interest is the calculation of interest on interest that has already accrued. In other words, interest paid on the original capital is added to the capital and interest is added again in subsequent periods. In the process, the accumulated capital grows exponentially, which can lead to impressive growth.

Compound interest with cryptocurrencies

In recent years, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets have gained popularity worldwide. The question of whether it is possible to earn compound interest with cryptocurrencies is therefore of great importance to investors and traders. There are different ways you can earn interest with your cryptos.

crypto trading app Cointract: Screenshots von Earning, um Zinsen zu verdienen

Interest on Stablecoins

With the product "Earning" from Cointract, users can invest in Stablecoins. Stablecoins are linked to a real value, such as a currency or precious metals. The trading partner of Cointract enables an attractive interest rate between 3-8% p.a., depending on the coin.

Here's how it works: With earning, your cryptocurrencies are lent to the Nexo exchange to cover their daily business - i.e. the daily trades that come in and out of their platform. In return, they compensate you with a high interest rate that is credited to you daily. The interest earned is automatically accumulated on your credit balance and thus reinvested. This means you automatically profit from compound interest. Use the Cointract Earning Calculator to check how high your projected interest yield could be.

Crypto savings plans

Some cryptocurrency platforms offer the opportunity to earn interest on cryptocurrencies held. Similar to a traditional bank, crypto investors can lend a portion of their digital assets to these platforms. In return, they receive a certain percentage of interest on their invested capital.

Liquidity pools and yield farming

Another way to earn compound interest with cryptocurrencies is through liquidity pools and yield farming. Here, users make their crypto assets available as liquidity for decentralised exchanges. In return, they receive rewards in the form of additional tokens or interest. This concept allows users to grow their capital exponentially by constantly reinvesting their earnings.


Compound interest is a powerful tool to accelerate the growth of wealth. With the rise of cryptocurrencies, new opportunities are opening up to profit from this concept. It is important to learn about the risks and benefits before participating in such programmes in order to make an informed decision.

Invest in cryptocurrencies and experience for yourself how compound interest can grow your wealth exponentially. However, always be careful and consider your individual risk tolerance and financial goals.

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