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Easy implementation of crypto products in your app



Are you looking to put the crypto world at your customers' feet? With the Cointract software, you can integrate a ready-to-use licence product that fits seamlessly into your existing application. By fully implementing your CI/CD, the crypto offerings are customised simply and quickly so that you can offer a diversified portfolio that strengthens your brand identity.

Fast integration with no development required

Cointract helps you economise on time and resources. No complex in-house development is required. Our API-based solution enables smooth integration while you retain full control over your data. You can easily access the Cointract white label system and manage your data without tedious development work.


No in-house development necessary


You can access the Cointract White Label System and thus manage your own data


All data is accessible via API


Swiss quality and expertise: Our software is 100% developed and maintained in Switzerland. As a member of "swiss made software", we fulfil the highest standards.



Self-service investment option for your customers

Give your customers easy access to the world of cryptocurrencies. Our Swiss Crypto Trading App offers automated buying and selling, the ability to set trading strategies and earn attractive interest through our Cointract partners. With a fully integrated cold wallet, setup is a breeze and moving between hot & cold wallets is convenient and fast.

All customer assets are held in the respective customer's cold wallet at all times, without third party risk. When buying/selling, the assets are traded on decentralised exchanges. This solution is unique in this form and customers benefit from all the advantages of direct access to the blockchain without having to worry about complex mechanisms in the background. The Cointract app gives customers simple and secure access to the fascinating world of crypto.



Build personal strategies
Users are supported by an interactive workflow when creating their personal trading strategy: Buying and selling becomes easy.


Buy and sell orders
Users have the option at any time:

  • Make partial sales or liquidate the position completely.

  • Change the sales strategy according to new circumstances.


Trading platform
We execute buy and sell orders according to "best execution" standards on the respective exchange.


Orders are executed fully automatically via the Cointract platform.


The user can choose from the following stablecoins in the fixed-interest "Earning":

  • Pax Gold (3% - gold backed)

  • Binance USD (8% - dollar pegged)

  • USDC (8% - dollar backed)


The offer is constantly being adapted and expanded in line with market conditions.

Investing in fixed interest
The products are described in detail and the currently offered interest rates are displayed. The user specifies the amount to be invested.


Investments earn interest daily and are continuously reinvested until repayment.





Cold Storage - Vault
Switch between hot and cold wallet at any time!


We equip our app with a cold storage for the secure storage of digital assets.


This vault is characterised by the following features:

  • Safekeeping of any ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155 tokens

  • Personal possession of the private keys

  • 24/7 access to the private keys

  • data recovery in the event of loss of private keys


Hot storage wallet
If assets are required for trading, they can be moved from the vault to the trading account at any time.


Crypto is here to stay: Join now and diversify your offering

Stay competitive and offer your customers innovative solutions. The demand for crypto products is increasing and Cointract offers you the opportunity to expand your product portfolio in the simplest possible way.



  • Diversification of the product portfolio

  • Demand for crypto products is also increasing among banks and financial service providers

  • Regulation offers more security for investors

  • Established cryptocurrencies offer investors diversification of their investment portfolio

  • First movers have already implemented years of experience in shaping and securing the new market path

Non-binding initial consultation

Trust, stability and security form the foundation of our business. We focus on pure Swissness and are proud to offer you reliable solutions.


Contact us for an initial introduction to Cointract and our functions. We would be happy to work with you to see how we can provide your customers with a crypto offering.

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