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Confirmation of Service

Valid from 23.08.2023


Please make the payment to your wallet in Swiss francs (CHF). Cointract AG (CHE-334.091.887; hereinafter "CTAG") uses the stablecoin USDT (or equivalent stablecoins, if applicable) as the crypto base currency and, in cooperation with its partner "Bity AG" (CHE-329.301.814), Neuchâtel, (; hereinafter "Bity"), offers you the option of exchanging CHF directly for USDT. The amount you exchange in this way will then be automatically credited to your hot wallet. You must make the transfer from a bank account in your name at a bank based in Switzerland. 

As part of the regulatory requirements incumbent on Cointrct AG, you as the customer must complete and sign the form on the origin of the funds (Form B). CTAG is independently authorised to request further or clarifying information for compliance reasons.


CTAG provides services for you and its other customers in connection with digital assets, in particular for the deposit of fiat currencies, the custody, trading and lending of digital assets (hereinafter "SERVICE(S)"), and provides a mobile application (hereinafter "CTAG APP") for this purpose. CTAG provides the SERVICES in cooperation with external partners in Switzerland and abroad, with whom CTAG arranges the deposit and customer identification (KYC) and through whom the transactions with digital assets are carried out.

The scope of the SERVICES specifically described in this Service Confirmation is supplemented by the General Terms and Conditions of CTAG, which form an integral part of the Customer Agreement.

Crypto Base Currency

The amounts deposited by you in fiat currency and exchanged into USDT at and through Bity are automatically credited to your personal hot wallet (trading account) at the cooperation partner Nexo cooperation partner "Nexo" (; hereinafter "CTAG TRADING PARTNER"). You can carry out your transactions from the hot wallet. You acknowledge that the crypto base currency is subject to an exchange rate risk against the CHF. The CTAG APP displays the daily equivalent value of the crypto base currency in CHF.

Wallets, Custody and protection of digital assets

When establishing the business relationship, CTAG will set up a hot wallet (trading/revenue account) in your name with its - respectively also your - trading and cooperation partner Nexo (CTAG-PARTNER)

  • through which you can hold, trade and lend your digital assets with the CTAG TRADING PARTNER (see "Hot wallet (trading/income account)" below).

At the same time, CTAG enables you to open a cold wallet in your name

  • to create a cold wallet (comparable to a vault or safe at your home) with CTAG, which you can use to obtain and securely store your Private Keys (see "Cold Wallet (Safe)" below).


Nexo pays interest on the digital assets stored in the hot wallet. In contrast, the assets stored in the cold wallet do not earn interest.

Hot Wallet (trading / revenue acount)

The CTAG APP enables you to manage, trade and lend digital assets via your personal hot wallet (collective custody). For this purpose, CTAG will open an account or hot wallet in your name with the trading and cooperation partner Nexo (; CTAG-HANDELSPARTNER) when establishing the business relationship.

You can use the hot wallet to trade and make your digital assets available to the market, which is then supplied with liquidity. Depending on the currency and market conditions, you will receive compensation from the CTAG TRADING PARTNER for lending your digital assets. These conditions are shown transparently in the CTAG APP.

You are aware that the digital assets in the Hot Wallet are held on the balance sheet of the trading partner Nexo and are therefore subject to counterparty risk. You recognise and agree that you undertake these actions at your own risk.

The Hot Wallet is used for the settlement of transactions in connection with the CTAG APP. This applies in particular to the processing of buy and sell orders, the crediting and debiting of interest, distributions or fees, etc.

The Hot Wallet cannot be used for normal payment transactions in fiat currency. It is also not intended as a basis for spot transactions, stock exchange transactions, credit transactions or other banking services.

In order to provide you with a differentiated overview of the risks associated with digital assets, the assets held in the hot wallet are shown in two separate wallets in the CTAG app:

  •  In the "Trading wallet address (trading account)", you will see the coins that are subject to a market risk and may have correspondingly higher fluctuations in value (see "Trading wallet address" below).

  • Stablecoins that are firmly linked to a fixed currency (e.g. USD or EUR) or other assets (e.g. precious metals) are listed in the "Earning wallet address (earning account)" (see "Earning wallet address" below) and are subject to a lower market risk.


Trading Wallet-Address

The CTAG APP enables you to carry out trading transactions in digital assets in cooperation with the CTAG TRADING PARTNER (Nexo), which also accepts them on loan on an ongoing basis. Please note that transactions relating to digital assets must be placed exclusively via the CTAG APP. The orders are fully automated and executed around the clock (24/7). The confirmation of the purchase or sale will be sent to you directly via the CTAG APP.

Please note that there is no obligation or technical possibility to execute orders placed by telephone, fax or other electronic means. All orders are processed in accordance with CTAG's internal standards and the standards of its co-operation partners. The principle of best execution is applied as part of the contractual duty of care.


Earning Wallet-Address

With the CTAG APP, you also opt for the yield wallet address when opening the hot wallet with the CTAG COOPERATION PARTNER. This allows you to earn returns on specific digital assets. Investments in the Earning product are based on an investment in Pax Gold, Binance USD or USD stablecoins and give you the opportunity to generate a coin-specific recurring income on your digital assets at Nexo without being exposed to the high price fluctuations of other cryptocurrencies. The currency risk against the CHF remains.


Cold Wallet (Safe)

For a corresponding administration fee, CTAG offers you the option of storing and protecting the private keys of your digital assets in a safe issued in your name (individual custody). When you open the cold wallet, CTAG will provide you with the access keys (a kind of "master key") to this safe and deliver your private keys to you personally in the form of an encrypted PDF document.

In the course of opening your personal safe, the CTAG APP generates a seed phrase (Seed Recovery Phrase) and sends it to you in an encrypted PDF document.

You expressly acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for keeping this seed phrase safe in order to be able to recover your assets in the event that your device is lost.

Should you lose access to your device, you expressly acknowledge and agree that any assets you have placed in the safe will become irrecoverable. This applies unless you have stored the seed phrase of your Safe provided to you by CTAG in a safe place and instruct CTAG to restore the Safe on this basis.

The cold wallet is a non-custody wallet with which the cryptos are stored separately per customer on the blockchain and can be assigned to the individual customer at any time.

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