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Cointract receives the "swiss made software" label

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

The label stands for a digitally empowered Switzerland. As an innovative Swiss ICT provider, Cointract AG has received the "swiss made software" quality label.

Cointract receives Swiss Made Software Lable

Swissness - we're on board

The label "swiss made software" is awarded by the company bearing the same name "swiss made software GmbH" and guarantees that the ICT product - in our case the software - is developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

The aim of "swiss made software GmbH" is to promote Swiss innovation. They check the criteria set by the federal government to see if all the applicants' requirements in terms of swissness are met.

With the "swiss made software" recognition, we are proud to be able to demonstrate that we adhere to and implement the high standards of the Swiss software industry. After all, "swissness" stands for precision, trust and quality.

As a Swiss crypto app provider, 100% of our value creation takes place in Switzerland

Our app is a 100% in-house development - created in our city, Lucerne. Our two software specialists and co-founders Markus Wermelinger and Philipp Troxler have dedicated themselves to the project and in the process, the Cointract app for automated crypto trading and earning with stablecoins was created.

Markus acts as CIO and is responsible for the development of the app as well as the cloud-based infrastructure.

As a Bitcoin evangelist from the very beginning, he has a high affinity for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Overall, Markus has more than 30 years of experience in software development.

Philipp is responsible for the backend software development of our platform and is COO at Cointract AG. The expert for highly scalable software has been working in development for more than 35 years. Philipp has followed the blockchain and crypto industry with great interest since the beginning and has already realised various software projects on it.

Stay tuned for what Philipp, Markus and the Cointract Team have in store for you. They are already hard at work on the further development of the Cointract app.

This article is for informational / promotional purposes.

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