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Why is market capitalisation so important?

In the world of cryptocurrencies, there are numerous indicators that determine the value and attractiveness of a digital currency. One of the most important metrics that investors should keep an eye on is the market capitalisation.

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Marktkapitalisierung als Schlüsselmetrik im Crypto Investing

Market capitalisation is an essential indicator of the value and size of a cryptocurrency. It provides information on how much capital has been invested in a particular currency in total. This allows you to evaluate the popularity and success of a cryptocurrency and make fact-based decisions. By analysing the market capitalisation, potential opportunities and risks can be identified in order to develop a sound investment strategy.

However, when looking at market capitalisation, it is important to consider the context. A high market capitalisation alone does not necessarily mean that a cryptocurrency is a good investment. It is advisable to consider other factors such as the underlying technology project, the development team, market acceptance and the potential for future growth. Market capitalisation should be considered as part of a broader valuation process. Learn more about what to look for when investing here.

How is market capitalisation evaluated?

The market capitalisation - or "market cap" - is determined by multiplying the current number of coins in circulation by the current price per coin.

Market capitalisation = number of coins in circulation x market price

As an example: If a cryptocurrency has 10 million coins in circulation and the current market value of a coin is $10, then the market cap is $100 million.

Cryptocurrencies can be compared with each other using this key figure. The higher the market cap, the more "valuable" the coin.

Why is market capitalisation an important factor when investing in cryptocurrencies?

To enable investors to make a general assessment of the coins before trading, there are, as mentioned, various key figures that can give an indication of performance. The market capitalisation offers the following insights:

  1. Investment value: This determines the total value of a cryptocurrency. By analysing the market cap, you can get a sense of how much money has been invested in a particular cryptocurrency, which can provide insight into the cryptocurrency's potential for future growth. For Ethereum (ETH), for example, the market cap is €204,945,388,959 (as of 07/31/2013, 07:18am). Have a look at, there you can see how rapidly the price fluctuates.

  2. Market dominance: Market capitalisation is also used to determine the market dominance of a particular cryptocurrency. The leading cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation are usually considered the most established and valuable on the market. Bitcoin (BTC), for example, is ranked first and has the highest market capitalisation in the crypto market with a value of €518,426,290,078 (as of 31.07.23, 07:19).

  3. Comparative analysis: The ratio is also a useful tool for comparing different cryptocurrencies. By comparing the market capitalisation of different cryptocurrencies, investors can better assess their relative value and growth potential.

Market capitalisation offers investors an important perspective on the status and development of a cryptocurrency. It makes it possible to evaluate the market share of a currency compared to other currencies and to derive trends. However, we strongly recommend that you consider other factors besides market capitalisation, such as trading volume, liquidity and community engagement. A comprehensive analysis gives a clearer picture of the strength and potential of a cryptocurrency.

We hope you have now gained a good overview of the topic of market capitalisation and can now take your first leap into crypto trading with a strengthened sense of self-confidence.

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