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Secure, intuitive, simple: Cointract introduces cold wallet to the app

Knutwil, 27 November 2023 - Swiss crypto provider Cointract is expanding its offering and launching Switzerland's first fully integrated digital cold wallet for retail investors. This will make crypto investments more secure and user-friendly for users.

Cointract is setting another standard on the Swiss market: as the first provider for small investors, Cointract now offers a cold wallet in an app in addition to a hot wallet. This means that users benefit from greater security.

As the cold wallet is offline, unlike a hot wallet, it cannot be hacked. Only those who have the forgery-proof personal keys can access the coins.

The mobile phone turns into a cold wallet

Unlike conventional cold wallets, users do not need a ledger or USB stick to store their coins securely. The Cointract cold wallet is digital and therefore fully integrated into the Cointract app. This turns the mobile phone into a cold wallet - coins can now be instantly transferred from the cold wallet to the hot wallet and vice versa with just a few clicks.

Although the cold wallet is seamlessly integrated into the Cointract app, the coins stored in it are completely independent of the respective providers. The great advantage of this solution is that all locally stored coins are protected in the event of the provider's bankruptcy.

More convenience for users

It is extremely easy to use: with other providers, a separate cold wallet has to be opened for each cryptocurrency. Cointract relieves users of this tedious process and automatically assigns the coins to the correct sub-wallet in the background. Consequently, all coins are accessible via a single interface using the Cointract app.

"It is our mission to drive the Swiss crypto scene forward with innovations and help the entire industry to become more mature. We have achieved this once again with the first fully integrated cold wallet. In doing so, we are building on the successful launch in spring 2023. Rule-based, automated crypto trading and the unique opportunity in Switzerland to generate returns by investing in stablecoins are proving very popular." Markus Wermelinger, co-founder and CEO of Cointract

Attractive white labelling

The technology on which the Cointract app is based also allows all features to be implemented easily, quickly and securely in existing applications as a white label solution. This gives cooperation partners or financial service providers the opportunity to offer the same crypto services from their own apps with little effort.

About Cointract

Cointract AG is pursuing the goal of making blockchain technology accessible to everyone. The specially developed smartphone app for crypto trading gives users easy access to the world of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many other coins. True to the Swiss DNA, transparency and security are the top priorities. Cointract AG is a member of the self-regulatory organisation VQF - Association for Quality Assurance of Financial Services, Zug, which is recognised by FINMA.

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