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Meet our founders and blockchain specialists

Philipp Troxler and Markus Wermelinger founded Cointract AG together in 2020. A few years ago, they traded the first cryptocurrencies together and realised that the process was impossible to understand for newcomers to the market. Here a wallet, there a coin, there a questionable transfer - too complex for the average consumer. As software developers, it was obvious to tinker with a solution that massively simplifies crypto trading - and also automates it. After all, both of them had full-time jobs "on the side" and no time to spend hours observing the crypto market.

Cointract Crypto Trading App: Meet the Founders

This led to the Cryptmonnaie app - the predecessor of the Cointract app. Friends and family quickly took a liking to it and recognised the potential. The unanimous advice: Dear Philipp, dear Markus, start a company and make this simple app accessible to the mass market.

No sooner said than done.

In October 2020, the company was founded and it was then a matter of building up the team, finding investors and making the app customer-ready. In March 2023, the time had finally come - the hard work paid off. We were able to launch our improved app with first features like "Trading" and "Earning". This will be followed in Q4 2023 by a "cold wallet" and soon also innovative and promising investment opportunities that do not yet exist.

Markus Wermelinger: The "frontend" pro

Markus acts as CTO and is responsible for the development of the app as well as the cloud-based infrastructure. As a Bitcoin prospector from the very beginning, he has a high affinity for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

When I think of blockchain, I think of a pool of almost infinite possibilities waiting to be realised. - Markus

In total, Markus has more than 30 years of experience in software development. Before founding Cointract, he held various positions as a senior software developer and architect, including at Bison IT-Services, where he met his co-founder Philipp. Most recently, he was Head of Software Development at Smallplanet IT-Services, where he drove the planning, design and development of blockchain projects.

Philipp Troxler: The "back-end" guru

Philipp is responsible for the backend software development of the Cointract platform. The specialist for highly scalable software has been working in software development for more than 35 years. Before founding Cointract, he was a senior software developer at various IT companies, including Bison IT-Services, where he met his co-founder Markus. Philipp has followed the blockchain and crypto industry with great interest since the beginning and has already realised various software projects on it.

I have acquired a lot of know-how about blockchain over the years, but there is infinitely more to discover. And that's what excites me about this technology. - Philipp

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