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Coming Soon: The Cointract Cold Wallet - Maximum security for your cryptocurrencies

The world of cryptocurrencies is booming and more and more people are discovering the diverse possibilities of crypto trading. But while demand is growing, security is also becoming increasingly important. Here at Cointract, we have always had a big focus on safety. That's why we're excited to announce our latest product: the Cointract Cold Wallet.

Cointract Crypto Trading App Coming Soon: Cold Wallet
Sneak Peak: Cold Wallet in the Cointract App

What is a Cold Wallet

To put it simply, a cold wallet is an easy way to store your cryptocurrencies - and protect them from the bankruptcy of your provider or theft by hackers.

There are two types: paper wallets and hardware wallets. Your private keys are written down or stored there. Unlike hot wallets, cold wallets store your cryptographic code offline. This means that it can be restored via any platform.

Advantages of the Cointract Cold Wallet

Maximum security

The Cointract Cold Wallet uses state-of-the-art encryption technologies and secure components to protect your cryptocurrencies in the best possible way. We've built a digital on-chain wallet so you don't have to buy ledgers and USB sticks. You get access to your private keys. Every transaction you make in and out of your cold wallet is immutably recorded on the blockchain. An automated four-eyes principle is used so that no component or third party can withdraw your coins on its own. Your private keys can never be accessed online. In other words: Your Keys - Your Coins!


We have taken great care to ensure that the Cointract Cold Wallet is easy to use, even for newcomers to cryptocurrencies. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive features, you can easily access your crypto assets, execute transactions and move coins back and forth between your hot and cold wallet.

Supported cryptocurrencies

Our Cold Wallet supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many more. You can store up to 20 coins in our wallet. All you have to do is activate your Cold Wallet in the app and we will automatically create the different vaults for all available currencies. The big advantage: You get collective access to all wallets via the Cointract app.

Seamless integration

The Cointract Cold Wallet is seamlessly integrated with our trading app, giving you a comprehensive ecosystem for trading cryptocurrencies. You can benefit from the ease of use and security of the wallet while taking advantage of our automated trading and lucrative earning features.

Availability and launch date

We are pleased to announce that Cointract Cold Wallet is expected to launch in autumn 2023. We have worked hard to develop a solution that meets the highest security standards while being user-friendly. With the Cointract Cold Wallet, you can safely store your cryptocurrencies while maintaining full control over your investments. In accordance with the principle: Secure your digital assets in your own personal vault.

This article is for informational / promotional purposes.

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